Compounding Compounding Compounding

Within our compounding laboratory at Health Care Pharmacy, we are able to provide a service above and beyond your traditional pharmacy. Since we have access to resources for raw chemical powders, flavors, bases, and equipment, we can compound various types of medications in a variety of dosage forms. To list a few, we commonly fabricate topical creams, oral suspensions, suppositories, capsules, dental preparations, pain creams, and much more. In conjunction with PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America), we are able to work together in providing a diverse and unique experience for our customers and to meet individual needs.

Here at Health Care Pharmacy we will work with you and your doctor to ensure that you are getting the right formulation to provide the best outcome. Our goal is to help you feel better and relieve your ailments. We will strive to design, recommend and produce what works best for you.

Compounding services offered:

  • Pain management
  • Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy
  • Pediatric formulations
  • Sunburn cream
  • Lozenges & mouthwashes
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Discontinued medication (we are often asked to formulate something that is no longer available)
  • Dental formulations
  • And many more...

In addition, we also make OTC (over the counter) medication (ex: head lice prevention, anti-nausea cream, pain spray etc...)